Townsend Vineyard

A note from Marchese Antinori on Townsend Vineyard --

TownsendOne of the great pleasures of being in the wine business is having the opportunity to meet many people and developing friendships that lead into wonderful relationships. One such meeting developed into a friendship that lasted many years and even though she is no longer with us, my relationship with Mrs. Townsend continues to provide a wonderful memory for me. When we first came to Napa Valley in 1985 we got to know Mrs. Townsend almost immediately. We quickly admired her for being a wonderful neighbor and would frequently visit her on our many trips to Napa Valley. I remember vividly the time she shared photographs of her husband driving the Caterpillar tractor as they built the small lake on their property. And on another visit she shared with us photographs of her trip to Rome during the time she taught music at the local college in Angwin. She seemed to live a simple life on top of her mountain, yet she was rich in her kindness and generosity. Read more >