Vineyard Map

The vineyard is our stage. Not literally, but our 600 planted acres are shaped in an amphitheatre-like setting thanks to the fact that the estate is located in the elevated Foss Valley. We’re surrounded by steep slopes rising on all sides and are at the headwaters of two watersheds that flow into deep canyons to the Napa Valley below.

Antica’s steep, rocky, well-drained soils met their perfect match with Cabernet Sauvignon. The grapes are planted on the high slopes of our estate where volcanic soil and rock outcrops are the norm. While life is rough out here, the terroir does have its perks. The high altitude (1,800 feet) means cooler day-time temperatures and a sunny haven above the fog line during the growing season. Heat inversion also means warmer night-time temperatures. All this translates into low 3-pound yields per vine and fully-ripened grapes that show great structure with concentrated fruit, and focused and persistent flavors. Tannins are ripe, balanced, and integrated.

The estate’s lowest elevation is on the floor of Foss Valley. But at an elevation of 1,450 feet, our low is not that low. Typically we’re still above the fog line, so that full day of sunlight gets to work its magic on our Chardonnay grapes, too, which we’ve planted here in rows of loamy, well-drained soils. Though it might seem counterintuitive, night-time temperatures are cooler here than the estate’s higher elevations bringing out Chardonnay’s aromas and flavors while maintaining acidity.