Cantinetta Antica


The Antinori's celebrate not only wine, but the food of the different regions where their wines are produced.  Each of the Antinori Family Italian estates specializes in a culinary product.  Whether it is Guado al Tasso where the famous Tuscan Cinghiale pigs are raised or at Le Mortelle where the focus is on heirloom berries and fruits, there is always a Tuscan culinary specialty.  

The Antinori Family shares many of their recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation with each generation adjusting the recipe for modern cuisine.  For the summer there are several dishes that are easy to prepare and pair deliciously with the Antica wines.  Feel free to adjust the recipes to your liking and with the produce available in your area.  More recipes are on the way...

Tuscan Bread Salad     

Prawns wtih Fresh Cannellini Beans

Peaches with Mascarpone Sauce